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At a time, when Alex was working in Africa, he had the opportunity to experience the rich colorful culture of the region and was deeply impressed by the richness of the African continent, the diversity of culture, the vast grasslands, the blue sky, also the rich and diverse species. In the many small villages where he visited, he saw young people dancing barefoot, tambourines around the bonfire and even just a bunch of rocks, but they could not stop their enthusiasm. YOUNG, ENERGETIC, MUSICAL, NATURAL, these words hovering in his mind. . .

In what way can we get happiness? Where is our future? How do we build a happy brand that our young generations like to represent them?

Till one day, he asked the local Africans what is their own language of “Vision”, they replied with “Maono” (Mai-o-no), that is all about the company Maono, a company created for the future, stands for Vision, and believes Vision drives technology and focusing on the professional audio products innovation, especially for the fast-growing young generations who like to podcast themselves and sharing their moments on the internet.


After several years of continuous development, MAONO has been widely recognized in the global Podcast & Gaming market. More than a few million users are using our products. We are working very hard for developing a new product with the vast combined experience and the excellent abilities of electrical engineering, industrial design, software engineering in house. We hope through our efforts, we can bring more users the best product and service experience.

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