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DNATA Staff Party Concert at the Desert

DAte April 26

1000 PAX in attendance in a outdoor venue good for 4000 people

8 Lars Audio Alpha 210FX Dual 10 inch 1000 Watts each Line=Array Cabinets (8 Cabs) 4 per Side

2 Lars Audio Single ALpha FSub 18 inch 1000 Watts each Flying Subwoofer (2Cabs) 1 Per Side

6 LArs LA118 single 18inch Subwoofer 1000 Watts each

3 Lars Dual 18 inch Subwoofer 1800 Watts Each

4 Lars Audio LA115 Single 15inch 600 Watts WEdge Passive Monitor

3 Powersoft 4 x 1000 Watts DSP Power Amplifier

3 Lars Audio 4 x 1600 Watts Power Amplifier

Midas M32 Digital Mixer

Midas DL32 Digital Snake Box

Pearl DEcade Drum Set

Arborea Hand Hammered Custom AP Series

AMpeg SVT Pro7 Bass AMp Head + 2x15inch Cabinet

Blackstar Head HT 50 Direct to Board Via Emulated output

5 Shure ULXD Microphones

Sennheiser SR2050 In Ear Monitors

Trussing and Stage

Euro Truss 0x6 Meter x 5Mtr Height Box Truss

Euro Truss Side Trussing for Side Screen for Live Stream 3Mtr x 5Mtr

4 Euro Truss Sleeve

4 Eurotruss Top Part

4 Chain Hoist Manual

2 Corner Block

Euro Truss Stage 8.2Mtrs x 3.6Mtrs 1.2 Mtr Height


24 LJ 230 Movinghead Beam

4 LJ 280 Movinghead Beam

50 LJ RGB Parcans Wash

6 LJ FResnel Lights

4 Lj Vertical Smoke MAchine

2 Haze Machine

Avolite Tiger Touch II

Led Screen

1 Center Screen : 8Mtrs x 3.5Mtrs

2 Side Screens : 2.5Mtrs x 3.5Mtrs

1 Novastar VX 1000

1 Novastar VX 600

2 Blackmagic Switcher

2 High Powered Laptops


6 Hollyland Professional Head Gear system with Noise Cancellation

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