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Rehearsal and production studio at an affordable price.

The Box by Laser Jockey is a music rehearsal and recording studio that caters to musicians who are looking for an affordable and quality recording space. We are located in Khawaneej 2 Dubai.

We believe that music should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. That's why we offer our space at an affordable rate. Our studio is equipped with quality equipment and our team of engineers are passionate about getting the perfect sound for your project.​ Whether you're a seasoned musician or just starting out, we welcome you to come and create something special at The Box By Laser Jockey.

"The Box by Laser Jockey is an incredible music studio for any band. We formed our band here and the sound quality and equipment have really helped us stand out in the industry. The staff there are also super helpful and always willing to lend a hand when needed."

Omar Deguzman = Sisa Lead Guitarist

Our Story

The Box Studio started out small, with a big goal: to make music rehearsal and production affordable for everyone. The studio quickly became a hub for up-and-coming artists, giving them a place to create and perfect their craft. The Studio had became the birthplace of some of the prominent local underground bands in the Dubai Music Scene. Some of these bands would go on to find mainstream success, but all of them remembered the humble beginnings at The Box Studio.

Our Services

  • Band Rehearsal Studio 

  • Live Session Recording

  • Vocal Recording 

  • Drum Recording 

  • Voice Over Recording 

  • Podcast Recording 

  • Online Live Show Streaming Service

Our Rehearsal Gear

  • PDP Birch Drumset + Various Cymbal tone to choose from 

  • DW D2000 Double Pedals or Arborea Double Pedal

  • Guitar Amps : Black Star Head and Cab HT 50 Tube 2x 12, Orange Combo 1x12, Crate Head and Cab 4x 10

  • Bass Amp : Guyatone Classic Head and Cab 2 x 15, Blackstar single 12 Combo

  • Shure Microphones m Wired SM and Beta Series 

  • Guitar : PRS Standard and LTD Telecaster

  • Bass : Ltd 

  • Sennheiser 2050 4 Set Wireless In Ear Monitoring System   (we advise you tu bring your own earset) 

  • JBL SRX Single 15 inch Band Room Monitoring

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